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Animals move tempered move tomorrow afternoon "dress circle"

Telescopic cage help the giraffe bow Ridge "top cage is a giraffe, hippo is the most wide-long cage. "Yesterday, Zhang described to reporters, Minister of Changsha Zoo tube, to the relocation of the animals in the Zoo has more than 400 head (only), the Zoo has produced more than 30 multiple cage enclosures used to transport them, one of the most special of the giraffes moved to lift cages. Giraffe cage can be up to 6 m, can also be reduced by 3 meters, cages with minimum height of car floor about 4.5 meters. To construct a lift cage, that is, in order to cross the viaduct with the height adjustment can be made, the giraffe "timely" a temporary bow. Zhang Qiang said, Zoo on transport giraffe all after of route for has full of measurement, "first road Kan is had Shang big long near Shi, some wire minimum bit 4.8 meters; then is Army Day bridge, 5 meters more high; then is Lotus road and may day road junction may will go bridge Shang......" he said, these problem are has get solution.
"Good talk" shipped animals mate it is learnt that the insertion of different size, size distribution based on animals, the second is based on "character" likes and dislikes. "Beast of prey are individually, such as vultures, Golden Eagles and tigers Lions equal treatment, single detached households; and gentle plant-eating animals could mix together. "Also, in various different cage box of making Shang also slightly has different, like red-crowned cranes of cage box top Department on cannot is flat child, for prevent it frightened jump, box top used sacks, can up to buffer of role, and hippo of is is used wood and steel mixed making, to protection it vulnerable of teeth, in cage box process making Shang, also special consider has inside not raised nail, ensure smooth not injury and the animal skin.
In addition to the strengthening of animal protection, the Zoo also takes into account human security, "one is the insertion of reinforcement of beasts of prey, the second is delivered are keepers and veterinarians with escorts, prepare a tranquilizer gun in case of unexpected. "
Temporary home for one week, it is reported that the move is tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of September 6, specific time will be based on animal emotions, depending on the traffic flow, temperature, climate, one of the most important of which is animal emotions. In order to help the Hippo, giraffe adjust mood, Zoo officials said on the eve of moving will be moved to their homes inside the cage, place the food inside the cage every day, hippo, giraffe to eat, they are familiar with, such as the cage, wait until the official when you move, simply put "check" you can easily shut them, begin to move. On the day of moving, in order to achieve the best results, also adjusts to their daily diet, feeding or less postpone the feeding time, "to fresh motive." At present, the animals normal diet, body in good condition.
To a new home, they will not leave the insertion of "all animals have an adaptation period, estimated this time at 3-7, you can put out. "Zhang Qiang said. BACK