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Women lose federal issue on the way moving table

The less wealthy families, has lost something important in moving goods, Jing bei Cun 5 villager Chen Zhixiu, this allows a very easy.
Chen Zhixiu lost a is a yellow, about a metre long table. And the table, you have a cell phone, wallet, 1800 cash, ious and documents of the project.
Is Chen Zhixiu, a story was really worried, especially her 82 year old father, hempen for wearing shoes, the reporter was very bad. They are Tan Renyou masonry make a living, now all of a sudden, lost so much money, and works over the years accumulated ious, family life more to make ends meet.
When moving, odd lot, why lose the table? the culprit is the bumpy dirt road. "Rough road, on top of the table. "Moving the Master Li Ping said.
Moved from Jing North Group 5 to 4 groups, 1 mile distance, they decided to put the table on the side, back again. Guessed, when they returned after more than 10 minutes, only to find that the table is gone! " This is our living expenses of a family of 7, meters are not today, sudden death! " Chen Zhixiu said.
Around 10:50 table is missing, because drawer mobile, Tan Renyou Chen Zhixiu husband tried to call the phone at around 11:30. Initially, mobile phones can get through, but there was no answer. "Later, when again, is busy. Later, has been through, is no answer. "Tan Renyou said. BACK