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"Dependant" business popular rush hot Wuxi elite around the second-hand housing

Along with the primary school, Tin City Housing began to sell near schools, many of which are "accompanied" parents rented. Press interview yesterday the housing agencies, students, parents and teachers, found that "study" potential of the winds blowing more hotly, especially some of the first grade of elementary school and junior high school students parents, for children to read "comfort" at the recurrence "Meng Mu moved three times." In this regard, education experts point out that parental overprotection, for children actually is not good.
"Two bedroom for rent near Tianyi middle school", "around downtown Tin Division school housing for rent" ... ... Browse local networks Forum in Wuxi, such postings recently have been seen. Reporter one friends of son this year "small rose early" into read province Tin in the Hou, both in river Lei mouth near work of couples both, actually made a amazing of decided: in school next a a community rent has a three room a Office of House, family moved past accompany son reading, although commute of away suddenly far has dozens of km, but "son comfortable has on value has". Zhongshan Road on an estate agents company salesman described, like this "study" business, in fact, has been quietly heating up for the summer holidays. Favored by the parents of the housing stock, mainly schools around the district, "and within a 10-minute walk". Strong demand also promoted the "dependant" rise in rent, according to Agency staff, like community, Wu Li Sheng Xiang village, patio houses close to the school in the village community, monthly rent is often more expensive than similar houses one hundred or two hundred Yuan. "Dependant" has increased, with some parents love children too. Bridge elementary school teacher described, now most of the parents of students in her class is also an only child, plus 4 older people on both sides, is often the life-blood 6 elders at a child, so some students who live far away from school, parents in the nearby rental, eliminating the pain of running up and down. Of course, some parents are condemned. Lee son who lives in shuofang enrolled this year in the city, the distance between home and school more than 20 km, the "Jam also want to open more than half an hour on the road," Li said. To give her son some rest time in the morning, the couple decided to move. Now, they have price 1600 Yuan a month, wuli village, rented a two-bedroom and one living room, start 3 years of "dependant" life. On the Web, also has a claim to be better than their more experienced "dependant parent" studies track---with daughter Lian Yuan Street primary school, Fu Jen Catholic middle school, a middle school and constantly moving.
Experts in education for the growing number of "dependant" behavior does not agree. A high school principal, said that unless the family journey far, and there is no direct transport, leading to spend too long on the road, there is no need to Selectmen family "dependant". A boarding middle school principal is more blunt: If parents want to stay with, then the child will never grow to their life in the future will have a great negative impact, particularly for boys. BACK