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Unified telephone pricing to eliminate fraud consumer

Shanghai qiangsheng company national service hotline, while more than 20 pieces of special line for customer service, and does not appear too busy. This practice not only safeguard the interests of consumers, and rectifying malpractices of the moving industry as a whole. Since then, the moving mind and rest assured. Shanghai qiangsheng move move deserves to be the best service, the most professional, most transparent, most scientific management of moving company.
Ordinary people live without reckoning, firewood, rice, oil, salt is a necessity of life, and moved occasionally unavoidable. According to the survey, nearly 90% per cent of people had moved at least once, 60% people had moved more than 3 times, and more than a few people almost every move.
Talking about moving a lot of people feel headaches, laborious trouble not only has a greater risk of fraud. Move order was not only upset consumer market disorder, more Shanghai qiangsheng company aggrieved. Many individual movers or small moving companies have the "Johnson's move" under the banner of the shuttle in the hustle and bustle in the consumer market, tuition fees, poor service and cheat from time to time, angry man? the sound of constant.
Some random search on the Internet can be seen on many of the famous Shanghai qiangsheng moving company news and reports from "Johnson moved in Shenzhen was hurt" to "the" Johnson's move "pile people throw cameras to argue but picked the wrong company", can be seen throughout the country, from South to North imposter, fraud against the phenomenon, local newspapers, the media in Taiwan reported. Deceived masses teeth, and Johnson moving companies are outraged.
For regular trade order, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of enterprises, and has opened 16 offices nationwide subsidiary Shanghai qiangsheng moving companies specially in the interview the other day with a lot of time introducing false "j" method, hopes to help consumers identify.
From the appearance point of view, Shanghai qiangsheng moving companies from inception to the present has been wearing a garment so that each employee transport vehicle is not unified paint decoration, strictly separate from other moving companies.
Speaking from the service again, Johnson moving company has opened a national toll-free service hotline 400-676-2150, regardless of which area which city can dial this number. Consumers may consult appointment move not only over the phone, customer service personnel will be based on the article, range, requiring quick quote details, such as price, allow customers to clearly know the cost before the move.
Finally in terms of efficiency and security, as moving companies moving companies in Johnson from top companies in Shanghai will be strictly for every time they go out of service staff and comprehensive evaluation of vehicle performance and service. Damage to the items that appear in the movement will take compensation, so as to provide each consumer confidence and satisfaction.
Certainly reflects Johnson movers professional and quality not only these, as consumers the simple identification method is only all meet the basic criteria are really trustworthy "Johnson's move". And others as "Johnson's move" banner of unauthorized use of the company Johnson moving company has been registered with the state trademark Bureau, "Johnson's move" trademark infringements, not only against the interests of consumers, also disrupted the moving market order. BACK