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Price is not on a good moving company is not the furniture will be shipped to destination

A sofa cause quarrels Mrs Yam who lives in Yulin road, huayang was preparing to move to a new home. She found a moving company online, phone contact, yesterday at 9 in the morning, drove a truck to the moving company staff.
"Bedroom furniture, two beds, bookcases, TV cabinets ... ... These have to be moved. "After Ms account, Porter began to move. One hour later, they filled a car. Some sofa in the living room, she was going to let long Quan's cousin came to pick up. At this time, got a cousin: "cars could not enter the city. "
In desperation, any moving company staff Du Changhua said: "these sofas can also walk, conveniently drag long Quan. "Du Changhua took a look, waved said:" no, the car has been filled, let go. "
Du Changhua was a 2-ton truck has been filled.
"Not carried away you have to give me downstairs. "Mrs Yam said.
"Didn't say to move the sofa, that you will give me an additional handling fee. "Du Changhua said. Mrs Yam would not.
Du Changhua downstairs, Mrs Yam stayed upstairs. The two deadlocked.
Drivers carrying furniture away "you go no go? "Du Changhua from time to time at the table, said to have been delayed for one or two hours, he kept to Mrs Yam.
"Sofa did not move, how do I get it? "Lady insisted Porter will move the sofa downstairs.
At this time is 1 o'clock in the afternoon, porters are hungry. Du Changhua Huff and drove off. After a few minutes, Mrs Yam and her husband stood on the balcony, was astonished: the moving truck was gone, Du Changhua carried a load of furniture, do not know where to go.
Any woman terrified and immediately called Du Changhua: "we have not set out, where will you drive? "
"Do you miss me so long, I delay compensation. "Du Changhua said that if any woman not to delay compensation, he would not take back some furniture.
"What happens in the car but I Italy furniture, valued at more than 100,000. "Any anxious to stomp said.
She asked people to move off the sofa and gave community security.
Driver 1000 RMB delay compensation after a few hours of telephone negotiations, Du Changhua is unwilling to take back some furniture, nor to the huayang.
Mrs Yam really unexpected way, he went to the police station the police.
"He actually told me to 1000 RMB delay compensation", he said, talked about before moving to 320 Yuan, Du Changhua to 1000 RMB delay compensation, "it is blackmail. "
Under the woman's phone, this huaxi City newspaper reporter contacted Du Changhua.
"Does not put the sofa, she delayed I don't start out nearly 2 hours, to pick up furniture for years and now, I have done business, loss is 1000 Yuan a day, but I don't want her to 1000 Yuan. "Du Changhua appearing angry in tone," let her come to our company to take furniture, Chang Shou road. "
4 o'clock in the afternoon, after receiving a police telephone, Du Changhua came to the police station. Two people meet and quarrel.
After mediation to 80 Du Changhua police said a total of 600 Yuan to the huayang furniture. Mrs Yam said that only 400 Yuan.
"The remaining 200 Yuan I gave you. "Mediation in this matter, police said.
Du Changhua repeatedly shook his head: "How can I want your money? "
After a 1-hour mediation, final settlement reached between the parties, Ms to 400 Yuan, except for about 320 Yuan before moving, which is equivalent to the Du Changhua 80 RMB delay compensation, Du Changhua continued Lady huayang furniture contained any new home, and installed.
7 o'clock in the afternoon, Du Changhua carried furniture, on the way to Hua Yang. "Delayed on more than 80 Yuan a day, today was so lost. "Du Changhua said. BACK