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Buy Feng Shui absolutely away from several places

Chinese Football Association and Johnson moving companies moving! while it is brewing in small plans, but from the current understanding of the situation of the DFB related departments will soon enter a formal work program.
Feng Shui says natural Mesa not moved three years later by the Football Association grounds. Successful relocations, first need to apply for Administration by the Football Association and FIFA for approval. It is reported that the new Office address will be selected by the Football Association in yizhuang district, 11 km away. Specific locations, working conditions and other details has yet to fall into place. In July, a Feng Shui master in the country has been invited to read Feng Shui Dong Jiu building, the conclusion is, totally inappropriate for the Chinese Football Association here, if football wants to make, it must be moved to a South, a propitious omen of office buildings. From a forbidding place to Sun, maybe Wei di, the Chinese football association selected site really is a treasure?
"Feng Shui" in the South, in particular in Guangdong said Hong Kong is a relatively large, Beijing has in recent years people have started to believe, especially in the time to buy, spend hundreds of thousands of millions of out house slaves have also been also falls to a settle down comfortably. Feng Shui is a "black" thing, there must be some scientific basis, so we could not understand, learning difficulties. Must pay attention to when you buy a House, near the House of 10 buildings best buy or choose or save you, blood shadow-shrouded heart of disaster preparedness, and of light, want to check out again, and also property litigation and developers and not enough headache!
A, and hospital: If live of place in hospital near, in Feng Shui Shang is bad of reasons following: 1, and hospital has many patients live, germs will more; 2, and hospital of people, luck will delay, so more of delay gas accumulation in with, will on around of gas field has major effect; 3, and hospital every day was to surgery surgery, envelope overweight, this also will effect around of magnetic field; 4, and hospital regular has patients died, some people is sleeps with, its yuanqi will effect around gas often so if you of homes near is hospital words, Can has following three a method resolve:, and to open Dang shipped of door or door, absorb Mong Kok gas;, and focused on health, bacteria on to invasion;, and to has religious belief, as letter Buddha,, such on can with religious of gaoling energy to increased residential of gas often II, and Church, and Temple in Feng Shui Learn Shang, God Qian Temple Hou are is belongs to lone evil of to, so residential near has Temple, and Church, some religious places are is bad of. Because these places are the God of sustenance of the poly foot, near the gas field or energy disruption and affect the human environment. Living near religious sites, there are two issues: 1 a person wishes to be alone; 2, character, prone to extremes, or rage, or very good, and was often bullied.
Third, Tower Tower is transmitting or receiving television and telephone signals, field strength, magnetic influence, and shape is pointed. If living near the Tower, the following situation can occur: 1, traumatic blood disaster-prone families; 2, easy to have mental problems.
Feng Shui on the four, Public Security Bureau, fire brigade, Public Security Bureau is Yang, is a solitary, Feng Shui in ancient snow heart Fu Yun: lonely Yang does not alone yin is not long. If the Public Security Bureau, made alone, family health, and second is fighting more. Fire brigade belonged to police a category, all painted bright red on the doors of the fire Squadron, if the Fire Department, apart from a bad set out above, also prone to blood plague. But if you were public security officials would not say.
Five government agencies, Government organs are Huang Qi, was to the land of Sun, including government offices, courts and procuratorates at all levels, with the Public Security Bureau, is a land of solitary, if homes are such places, the following would happen: 1, mental illness-prone families; 2, make non-right and wrong; 3, easy blood disaster.
Six live in school, schools and many people think that this kind of culture will be near good Feng Shui, but the result is not so. The following reasons: 1, the school is formerly,the Hanlin Academy, the economy; 2, school day, no man's land at night, even if the day is also a number of children. Yang is relatively weak in children than adults Yang. Weak Yin Yang on nearby buildings will be affected. In Feng Shui, Yang as smoothly, yin for the block. Living near the school, one is money is not very good, the second is everything has resistance.
Seven, markets if you're downstairs is market or street market think about the mess and noise ... ... If it is below the housing market, luck is quite dull, smooth movement. Reasons following: 1, and market will distributed fish fishy or meat smell, this is taste evil; 2, and sanitation poor, whole day wet, prone bacteria, and pest, this for bacteria evil; 3, and daily by sale of pig, and cattle, and sheep, and chicken, meat, these animal of spirit body will will attached meat, will in market within gathered, makes around of Yin gas aggravated.
Eight, substations and high-voltage pylons electric fire, most of the magnetic field, had the greatest effect on the brain and the heart, and blood. If there are substations and high-voltage pylons near homes will have the following effects: 1, health problems, such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, 2, has an impact on the brain, susceptible to brain tumors, prone to mental illness, 3, people tend to impulse, so do error-prone. According to foreign experts over a five-year study to determine if accommodation close to children of high pressure building, white 1 time times more opportunities than normal children, children suffering from leukemia is one out of 10,000, 1 time times is one. This issue deserves your parents ' attention, the ancient "Meng Mu moved three", not to mention the people, for the next generation, the home must be choosing an auspicious day.
Nine, RCPs in the Buddhist view, spirit is like to gather in the dark and smelly place, such as forests, waste dumps, etc. So if living near the garbage station, easy spirit into the House, haunted phenomena, lead to family problems, home is not prosperous. Solution is installing a red lamp at the door. BACK