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Thousands of annuity Nanmu trees moving melancholy sharen

Phoebe tree, is a classified as rare species of evergreen trees in ancient times can only be used in the Court. It is understood that wuchuan County Nanmu tree that grows in the Longtan village in daping town, Riverside group, it is estimated that over 1000 years old, maximum diameter at breast height of 1.7 metres of the trunk.
According to reports, Nanmu tree wood of high economic value, had been excessive deforestation, currently in danger of extinction, this handsome capitals transplanting, to protect biodiversity, study ancient climate are of great value.
Reporters from wuchuan autonomous county Forestry Department, the County growth Yuhong Nanmu tree crossing thousands of annuity will be transplanting of offsite protection. At present, how to safely transport the trees become troubling event.
Reporters learned that transplanting thousand year old tree is extremely difficult, a prohibition in principle of transplanting. However, the Nanmu tree growth sites in Shek Wu Zi power station area, the local Government reported to the approval of the Provincial Forestry Department, decided to transplanting of offsite protection and budget of 2 million Yuan.
On September 17, the reporters saw most of the Nanmu tree branches have been cut off, and newly sprouted leaves you alive. On the trunk, pull the wires and ropes, also has the support of clubs under the tree. Meanwhile, big tree "at the foot" of the River, already from the tree draws near, it is reported that Shi Wu Zi hydropower station after water storage under, Shaba hydropower station in the upper reaches will be opening the drainage, it is estimated that half a month later, water will diffuse to the wood under a tree.
"How to transport the trees to transplant sites is difficult. "The authorities said, transplanting must bring a huge amount of soil, trees and mud estimated to be more than the total weight of 80 tons. According to reports, the big tree "move" to go over more than 10 km, the need to cross a bridge, and the bridge has been identified as a dangerous bridge, closed to traffic. It has been suggested that take the form of water transport, air transport to move, but gave up due to river navigation conditions and insufficient helicopters bearing.
Local forestry department said, though is very difficult, but this rare thousand-year old tree must be transplanted to protect.

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