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Over more than 20 old people before the Mid-Autumn Festival, binhu district moved to a new home

This year, they change the environment and feel "this House is in the village homes, and is also home of eat, live, there is a small yard, feels just like home! "Now 89 years old, one of the residents told reporters. In the four years here, the old man like a walk in the yard every day, passing around and talk to people in the village, "because the environment familiar, familiar, so everything is just like home. "
However, with the dismantling of the Fraternity House daycare center hits, he will leave with other old people, old age to a new place. Occasionally, he will inquire about new place under what conditions. When he heard that a new more spacious, better facilities, the old man looks very happy and am looking forward to, to "leave the place to live for a few years, new moon, I do not know how. "
Busy old Cao Ze told reporters that the elderly living habits of the place, began to adapt to the next. Because the new place, more like a community nursing home, original "family" feeling may be weak. In order to create a better environment, he is applying under the transformation of the surrounding environment, to be able to provide them with a better outdoor sites, "I hope that will expand your career, managing a country with more than more than 100 nursing home for the elderly in the future, is my goal. "
Sunset, binhu district in the Fraternity House daycare center hits the Division for 4 years old, an unusual Mid-Autumn Festival this year, he will join other world over more than 20 old people, moving to a new home to live in. Because of demolition, former nursing home would be demolished. Yesterday, reporters learned that the Wuxi's first "family-style" pension institution, originally more than more than 30 residents, this part of their diversion to other places, some people will go along with Cao, Director of Fraternity House daycare center hits new places. And Wuxi are now rare "home gerocomium" and also will mark a turning point in the development of.
"Home gerocomium" last days "new decoration of the place I've been busy since July, also looked here, this afternoon to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau on ageing, and extremely busy recently! "See the sunset when old people's daycare Director Cao Dake, he appeared to be breathing heavily. Cao told reporters that recent nursing home evictions, he's too busy. Because relocation to arrange yourself, understaffed, and considered to be one-time moving and other reasons, as well as to other nursing homes for the elderly, you need to check. In addition, the new local environmental improvement, facility acquisition, made him too busy to find North. "Hope all goes well, old people moved past the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, to a new environment for the holidays. "
6 years ago, under the multi-party support, unemployed Cao Dake in his courtyard home, began their own old-age care. Because of their House, staff are family-oriented, so the people sent to call, that "family" nursing home, Wuxi is unique at the time. Three years ago, to this Fraternity House daycare center hits an interview with reporters, then already has 30 of the elderly persons, and efforts made by the whole family, "family" nursing home was run very hot, even hired a few workers on lay-off for care workers.
First half of the year, because houses were built around the community, Cao's Fraternity House daycare center hits in a demolition range. To move to the nursing home where are you going? Elders do? Particularly want to find a new place, it's difficult. "Now for the old-age care support, preferential lease a piece of land can be, but investors need to have the financial strength to invest in. We are such a small body, naturally no way, again looking for a place to build a House, do it yourself, not reality! "In the end, after several twists and old Cao Cai found a place along the road, to be able to continue their own old-age care. However, he is acting as a Manager, rather than the original managers and all rolled into it. However, he would like to one day be able to continue to work. BACK