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Oil drums outside the restaurant when the "move"?

Reporter in Kowloon Street "Kowloon century Yuan" community within see, street of a "blood duck Museum" restaurant behind is community of a building residents floor, fume pipeline installation in residents floor of wall Shang, from appearance see fume pipeline is new do of, along wall has been stretch to roof, restaurant kitchen of row fume pipeline mouth is located in residents downstairs of green with above, distance green with about half meters high. Reporters noted that the smoke pipes installed a metal frame, metal frame placed on an oil drum from oil barrels out on the walls of the tubing through the hole into the kitchen stove. Residents said: "the last fire fume pipes and almost ignited barrels of oil if it exploded the consequences would be unthinkable. Because of the smoke pipe is not far off is the community's main road, often there is a car park there, people coming and going every day, oil drum in there is a ' time bomb ', hope to move as soon as possible. "
"Blood duck Pavilion" restaurateur Huang said that they intend to carry oil drums to the kitchen, will no longer be placed on the outside. But because the oil drum head is relatively large, have no place in the kitchen, is changing the current position, changing for the better, such as oil drums after removal, asked residents not to worry about that again.
Recently, the community living in the restaurant behind some residents reflected to the newspaper, after the fire, although the restaurant was range hood duct reconstruction, but in the pipeline next to barrels of diesel fuel had not "dropping" tenants are worried that in case of an accident, not oil barrel is a "time bomb"? BACK