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Migrant workers in moving the way when crossing the street was hit by flying rolls injured

According to the injured worker Mr Chen, injured person surnamed NIE, 55 years old this year, Chongqing. At noon yesterday, the NIE is an opposite from the village to move to live near the site. Unexpectedly, when he carries baggage from the zebra crossing and was hit by the van. Mr Chan said, speed of the vehicle at that time, led NIE was flying to 10 metres away. After the incident, the police and the insurance company immediately.
After 14 o'clock yesterday, a migrant worker on the way moving, Nanhai Avenue, Haikou while crossing the street was hit by a car rolls fly injuries, then returned to the hospital by ambulance for treatment.
14:30, at the Nanhai Road upon crossing the scene, a car brand "Jean AG08xx" rolls next to stop at zebra crossings where about 10 metres, rolls right corner has cracked the windshield, left wounded on the pavement of the suitcases, plastic buckets and other items. Reporters saw the driver was a young man wearing flip-flops. When reporters asked about the situation, but the driver refused. BACK