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Japan favors moving company service details and warm

The saying goes, "good at home every day, go out the day difficult." For those of us living in a foreign country, "foreigner", living in the most extensive coverage, may be the most hard thing "move". In Japan, for a fast-paced, frequent job changes and other reasons, to rent in Japan occupy a large part of the community. Therefore, Japan industries such as real estate agents, moving is very popular and specification. In detail-oriented Japan life, moving is a very trivial and painful thing. But the Japan moving company thoughtful and meticulous service, also felt the Japan life on the other side.
Moving hotline: high efficiency since it is moving, would have led to new and old problems. Plan before they moved in, it normally takes 2 month old landlord terminates the rental contract in advance. Of course, if you are willing to pay 2 months rent, can also be immediately removed.
In addition to the termination of the contract with the landlord, but other formalities associated with the old need also be completed. Old room, water and gas stops and new water, electric opening of old housing fire insurance contract, bulky waste treatment, move the telephone, the Internet, new delivery of the mail, newspapers and so on all procedures associated with the change of address. Particularly worth mentioning is, just after moving to Japan post office mail-switched applications, the post office will comply with your request is free of charge for you for up to 1 year of message switching service, so that you can receive letters in a timely manner.
In Japan, the efficiency is very high, especially for moving issues, some companies also set up specifically for moving a telephone hotline, and matters related to the move a phone will be able to solve. When handling the rent or terminate the old contract, moves such as telephone, electricity and gas contract and opened a single phone call can be completed. Even after you removed from the old building, there is a need for a period of time when the water or electricity, you can apply for some of the features of cancellation and contracting.
Then, the old housing management company will be sent home, and you go through the old transfer procedures. Prior to the handover, management will carefully test houses damaged, health status, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the House leasing contract signed, calculation of old house restoration costs and tenant should take part. Managers will be detailed for each fee, including the individual cost of each description to the tenant, the tenant shall be partially deducted from a pre-paid deposit, the remaining deposit is returned by the Bank in the future. Finally, all the tenants in the old housing key and room card after you return and complete the signing procedures, the entire relocation is completed.
Move tired of: House to be moved, first to find the right House. In Japan, looking for a House to have multiple channels that can be selected, but it is a very painful thing. Walk the streets of Tokyo, nearly everywhere you look big and small real estate agents and homes for lease or for sale ads. Subscribe all daily newspapers carry colorful advertisements. To say the easy way to House should say network. Open the Web page, whether the home page is the main search engine of real estate companies real estate column, by traffic routes or areas you choose, as long as the tips according to the website, enter you plan to rent, expenses such as parking, pets, plus options, basically you can choose your ideal houses. Website listings, not only have the room layout, and some even offer existing home or living environment around the photo and other information.
However, Japan rental activities are mostly carried out through intermediary companies. Whether you find listings from the network or through any other channel listings, through intermediaries in order to see. Of course, the best way to House is the network combined with the Agency. You told the Agency at the same time rent standard, again to the network to find, combined with the Agency provides listings, you can quickly determine the housing plan.
Do not know Japan real estate company or landlord of the leased premises is to face is putting on airs, they rarely deal directly with tenants. Although direct contact if the tenant and the landlord, you can reduce the cost of both, but Japan's landlords will feel insecure, uncertain, of course, the landlord is not willing to do their own cumbersome procedures. Therefore, all formalities, including showing through intermediary companies. Even if you want to rent an apartment with a computer administrator on the job, no matter how many times you came here to see the House, if there is no intermediary, accompanied by company personnel, would not get into the room to see. So every time to view the room first to contact the Agency and intermediary companies to have greeted with real estate company or landlord, administrator with the apartment again, get the key, before entering the room. In order to win more customers, Japan Agency service is in place, and some vehicles, according to the agreed time to come pick you up to view the room.
Rental application process: after the cumbersome field critically many times, next step is to submit a loan application. Of course, this application is for a real estate company or landlord, the other based on the content you submit a loan application to decide whether you stay. Lease fill in the content, applications and practical rental agreement.
Japan rental housing is generally divided into two kinds: one is private renting, tenant or guarantor shall provide to the real estate company or landlord, the surety must provide their home address and proof of income. Thus, if a problem occurs during the rental period, if a tenant cannot assume responsibility, the surety shall bear joint and several liability to ensure that real estate or interest of the landlord against loss. And the other is based on legal persons nominal rent, renters do not have to provide a local sponsor, but need to submit some information to prove the effective legal existence and the capacity to assume responsibility. With a House, and once someone submit a loan application, then could only wait.
Through rent review, real estate companies or landlords require tenants to sign the formal rental contract within a certain time. Before the signing of the formal contract, agency staff will bring a series of documents detailing the contents, to be formally signed. Significant cost to prepay before signing, including the first month's rent, equivalent to 2-3 month rent deposit, key money, etc, and one month's rent must be paid in accordance with the stipulations of the contract plus 5% consumption tax costs to the intermediary company.
When signing the rental contract, for some favorite pet or tenant of a piano, Japan real estate company or landlord will often have special requirements and need to sign special agreements. Apartment simply refuse to pets or piano.
Process clear: assured Japan moving company can say the full range of services, many tricks, only you didn't think, can't do without it. Moving costs will be due to different services of content there is a big difference. Common moving services generally have the following packages: one is from the package to unpack completely by moving company take care, mainly for work or old customer, simply make anything to take away, after moving in what location is OK, any other tidy clean full package, of course the cost of this service is also the highest. Second is to delegate to the moving company to package items, such as some breakable kitchen items, and so on, their unpacking after moving, slowly tidying up, the service cost is moderate, but also eliminates the worry about fragile items packaging. Three is packaged completely take care of unpacking package, lower cost.
In addition, according to the different needs of customers, moving companies can also provide part of the package and specified services. Such as bulky waste handling, transfer machines, air conditioning contractors move notification.
When it comes to moving company processes, is making people feel is the enjoyment of a service. Before moving, usually about moving company estimate moving costs. Certainly can "shop around". Although Japan moving company to provide a free onsite estimate service, they will according to customer's choice from various aspects such as vehicles, people, time to make a detailed moving plan. In order to gain more customers, the company bid as low as possible, trying to let customers decide on the spot. After you determine the moving company, was sent in advance to move boxes, pads of paper, tape, packthread, convenient master Pack in advance.
Without missing one screw: thoughtful in moving the day before, the moving company will be sent home to help clean up the need to package items. My deep feelings for this package. Middle-aged and older women are generally experienced. They in with home of master playing had greeted, and confirmed work content Hou, fast to into himself of work locations, put some easy broken of tableware and tea, will categories to with soft of packaging paper package good, retractable to different of carton in the, and will in box Shang do mark, indicate box within is what items, and moved Hou should put in what location, action fast, and efficiency high, and clean health. Finally, they carefully left masters also use tableware and toiletries, and will give the owner prepare the next opening boxes, marked there, after you finish the next morning, directly into the box.
Moving day, moving personnel will arrive, when the owner and the owner to confirm various matters, other officers have begun using the shield to elevators, corridors, protect, will stand alongside a sign that reads: "job, give you so much trouble." After the move began, most people feel good service is the company moving equipment ready: large pieces of furniture made of elastic cotton jacket, can be directly linked to special wardrobe with racks of clothes and so on. For special furniture, staff members put in a cardboard box in his hand, few can spell out a timely package. Homework spot moving personnel, is their face a look of pleasure, fast, skilled action and close cooperation. For large pieces of furniture, they will give the furniture and put on a thick coat, no damage at all. When transporting furniture, even if there is a small screw in the drawer, they are fixed in place with tape. After arriving at the new site, moving personnel will shield the resurfacing again, well as requested by the master and one by one put the furniture in place. Finally, the owner confirmed van has no article, and after fulfilment of the signature confirmation, will leave. BACK