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Shanghai relocation of relocation have common sense

First, choose a "good day". In order not to affect the normal operation, you can choose to work overtime during the holiday season to move positions, such as new year's day, 51, the national day, for not using natural year and financial year of business, you can also start or move bin at the end of fiscal year. If moving the warehouse of modest, weekend moved positions also available.
Second, to formulate a good move bin scheme. Clear move cartridge head, move the warehouse equipment, arrange relocation of route by taking safety measures, and so on.
For an enterprise's Logistics Department, safety is always the first and most basic. Security issues, including the safety and security of goods, to ensure that personnel were injured, without loss or damage to the goods.
Move warehouses in General should set up a relocation team, chaired by the head of the logistics sector, the head of each business as a member. Accountability to the people, who is in charge of flat warehouse the inventory before the dispatch of the goods, who is responsible for the arrival of the goods at warehouses after the signing, who is responsible for security in transit and so on, to subdivision and clear responsibility. If stored goods mostly pallet storage can be widened with 5 tons of box-type truck (width 10 mm larger than the tray width twice times more), be it parts, free to use for the box-type trucks. General private vehicles are not enough, you can use loan, loan can be used when paying per class, or you can pay by the size or tonnage, can also give a price. In short, how can planning how to deal.
Relocation of route must fully consider the safety issues in General and compliance with traffic regulations. General pallets of goods or parts under loading, not filling, or tied, there will be some gap between the goods, if sharp turns or when the speed of vehicles, the goods will be dumped or dropped, uneven road Tan will also cause damage to the goods. In addition to driving speed when outside, you should also select routes over good roads, including road is flat, congestion and so on, in order to select the route over good roads, proper bypass is also desirable because the road is added in small quantities to the relocation date of the distance of the move had little effect, largely ignored, and the damages caused by the impact would be far worse.
Carefully moved the warehouse is not just related to the safety of the goods, and also the warehouse operation. Move warehouses often run into some unexpected problems. Moved positions is the most common estimate for the amount of ... May be moved when found inadequate staffing, lack of vehicles, lack of time. In that case, the most important thing is not to accurately is the first speed is secondary. If estimated in all relocation is completed within the scheduled time, you can adjust the move and hold strategy. Compressed moving range, extended working hours, temporary personnel and vehicles can be considered. Unlikely goods (such as very long backlog of goods, has been out of the goods) not moving; for bulk cargo, part can only moved enough need that ship in recent days on the line. No relocation of goods at the next holiday (usually weekends) or days off work after relocation. Temporary hiring arrangements only simple handling, emphasizing not rough handling of the goods. For an enterprise, each cart that its expensive, and involves the problem of supporting, less a small thing can cause a whole set of things that cannot be delivered. Temporary employment of vehicles should pay attention to their credit, just on the roadside looking for a vehicle that does not have sufficient documents (such as insurance), in order to prevent their escape or cannot be claimed after a traffic accident.
Move warehouses of details also worthy of note. Moved positions must have a transfer of documents, generally use a type 4, carbonless invoices. Can be created or replaced by the enterprises already have similar documents. Graphic warehouse shipper, recipient warehouse 1, paste in the Tray 1 and stub 1), are signed to do every part, every goods which documents are available. Each car transports both shipping records. Under normal circumstances, flat warehouses use pallets cannot be used in a warehouse and moved the warehouse there is a replacement tray issue. Replace the tray on a flat surface in the warehouse, or in cargo handling to the warehouse after the group. Before moving positions and better trays, you can and will fill out escort, than stub, 3-all in the corresponding tray, one stick or on a tray. In loading that will receive the to people at the escort, escort people square up goods, signature confirmation, and record the escort, just fill in the transport table (this work can be carried out in transit). Fixed on the pallet escort primarily so that recipients can use different pallet cargo and escort a single counterpart. Every day before work, after being signed by the recipient should be escorted on corresponding to the stub one by one, identify problems and track down.
When the goods are relocated to warehouses, storage in a timely manner, do the end of the day all the goods into warehouse space, as well as to focus on logistics information system in the data synchronization update. Under normal circumstances, moving data warehouse prior to system initialization, you can all the data by automatically updating warehouse data can also be individually imported in the storage warehouse of information systems. If warehouse data warehouse data differentiated and moved positions every day before work or when you want to summarize the data, check the compatibility.
Moved position after the end of, should pay attention to the consistency of data and the actual data in the information system. BACK