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Ningbo move custom: night moves set off fireworks and firecrackers

Forum friends "ice" to Ningbo is 15 years, but after moving last year to 12 in the West garden near, trouble came: one to holiday, there always seems to be someone at 12 o'clock midnight gun battle. "Sometimes even lasts for as long as half an hour, car alarm due to vibration of the entire community. "It makes" ice "some wonder: what is Ningbo customs, must select a moving Fireworks at midnight.
"Ice" post upon the issue, immediately triggered many netizens in the Forum's concern and discussion.
Netizen "around love" analysis, the midnight fireworks, are a wedding House. "Who in the wedding day morning bodhisattva, is intended to pray for marriage, the whole family is well! In fact, general age who know the customs. "In accordance with" the love around us, "observed General weddings of people is not endless firecrackers, put two or three meanings meaning on the line.
Netizen "small" proposed recommendations may have some meaning. He said: "I have a good friend, was moved late at night, and he set off fireworks until seven o'clock in the morning. He said, to a new home, and more to deal with next door neighbor. If you are only to happy to scare the neighbors next door, then I'm sorry to them. The friend's practice can give you some inspiration. "
Netizen "KMJ" were of the view that whether civilization set off firecrackers, is an important test for the public quality. "Do anything you want to have a ' degree ', too, is likely to turn into its opposite. So, when we are setting off fireworks, should pay attention to morality, consciously abide by provisions relating to discharge, amuse themselves without inconvenience to the public, when taking care of other people's feelings. "
Netizen "Pai Ching" have suggested that moved people like to set off firecrackers at midnight. "They pay attention to moves in the middle of Geely's custom, so select on the horizon after moving, and let go of the gun is an essential part of the practice. "
Today's weddings, the habit has to at some point in the early hours on a few strings of guns; moving tomorrow, and also choose to set off firecrackers at midnight for good luck. However, because of this small number of so-called "big moment", most people have to suffer the pain that night-time quiet life was gross interference.
Netizen "winter cigars" are deeply influenced by their rejection, he posted: "I already have insomnia problems, often had a hard time sleeping, or just have some sleep when outside as a thunder-like roar of firecrackers to wake, and then can't sleep for a long time, sometimes even cannot sleep through the night. "To this end," winter cigars "select only a helpless way," as long as you know who is going to a wedding tomorrow in the vicinity, I simply do not go to sleep that night until they put out, then go back to sleep. "
So also the Netizen suggested that with the progress of society, many folk to quit the stage of history, then that are unfavourable to the unity, harmony's old bad habits should also be modified or abandoned the idea? Netizen "ice" posting said: "Mr LU Xun said: discard the dross and select their essence. Hu moved into the Central Plains, also abandoned wearing Hu dress, why can't we use a balanced Qi Mei method inherited custom, and neighborhood despite it? ” BACK