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Reminder we should pay attention to what

Moved Shi in here is refers to moved company began handling, will items from moved out to moved to destination this paragraph process, in this a process in the due to involved moved out and moved to two Shang locations, plus moved company staff constantly of in disassembly, and handling, and loading, and truck! will feel very of kick, and even some chaos! but please everyone don't worried, actually handling are is by moved company to completed of, we only need moving brain command, tie moved company told they which place need note can! We will tell you we should pay attention to the following matters, as long as you pay attention to the following points will be able to easily complete the moving part.
Moving out of note:
1 once again, call ahead to confirm whether the moving company, moving the day will arrive, ask if there are changes in reasons, determine whether the moving company continues to wait for, such as no contact as soon as possible other moves company shunting immediately see if you can, of course, talk about moving the price move.
2, moving company after the arrival of the first combined with moving companies vehicle and access to the community, means handling lines and clear the community cleaning up obstacles;
3, confirm moving contracts, inventory fill out schedule of moving! If not sign immediately before the move to sign the contract (the removal contract template download);
Tell moving company 4, leader of what articles need to be careful (best to post release), which items you want to move the item while moving company Manager will tell you which items need assembling and disassembling (Note: disassembly required fees, if it is not taken to be sent out and try not to remove);
5, and determine signed good moved contract and told moved staff note matters Hou on can let moved company began handling has, at not need you worry about, just to in moved of process in the more told everyone carefully on OK, moved company of workers a moved are is has experience, Division also clear, they know first moved what Hou moved what, important items also will arrangements experience rich of people to handling.
6, loading of the link needs attention, it is best to arrange for someone to look at loading, because charges are based on trips to work, while loading, some moving company intentionally filled, with no real result can pull out of a car tells you to pull two cars! Thus increasing the moving costs.
7, the finished goods again to check if items are missing after moving, the wrong move!
8, quickly finished the handover, with the moving van to move the place of destination. Complete move out!
Moved Note:
1, get to move into the destination the same first line with moving companies vehicle and access to the community with a clear handling lines and cleaning up obstacles in the district;
2, told staff moving truck safety caution
3, advanced bulky items will be placed into the new House arranged and placed directly after simple care health in order to move in. If the House is wooden flooring please put some cardboard or newspaper so as not to scratch;
4, transporting the Guide moved staff moved items in which room, kitchen into the kitchen, David moved into the bathroom, bedding in the bedrooms, oversized items in the House immediately following the best place (bulky items are too heavy, so that after the movers left does not move), classified place easy to move finishing respectively;
5, handling has been completed, whether inventory items are lost, damaged! Schedule of inventory items according to move before the verification.
6, no objection to settlement moving costs, thanks to moving company all staff; in case of dispute settlement, such as event serious laws to suspend the settlement move.
Under all the staff for their hard work in moving company successfully completed items moved into, then the remaining work is tidying up, cleaning, moving into specifically what should be done? What should I pay attention? Next, see considerations after moving. BACK