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Immigration Guide: preparation before moving to add o

Before the Nike
New arrivals into Australia to take documents
Before you leave the original residence, remember to bring the following documents originals in order to travel to Australia for the various procedures: birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic certificates, identity documents, 2-inch passport photo number, the former employer certificate of representation, translation of domestic driver's license.
First five things to handle
1, choose a bank opened a personal account of their own, will bring the money deposited in the account, one is security, and second, soon the Bank will give you a "debit card", you can be any street in any city of any network of ATM cash withdrawal.
2, personal tax number: when you are in Australia to find work, your employer will ask you for your personal tax ID from the Australia taxation Declaration; arrived in Australia, you can call the 132861 of the nearest tax office locations, to bring along your Passport to apply, the procedure is quite simple to ...
3, travel documents, national health cards: new immigrants arrived in Australia that is entitled to free health-care services, arrived in Australia, you may contact the 132011 nearby the national health Office, after their entry into the 14th day after you take your Passport to apply for a free national health care card, the procedure is simple.
4, apply for benefits for families: families with small children can contribute to the Australia Department of social security benefits to apply for family benefits, details can be connected to the Centre Department.
5, and candidates registered for the driving license: first call road and traffic Council Roads and Traffic Authority query near of office locations, phone number can in local of white page phone this check to; then to received a this free of make rules Manual Home back read, this manual has more country language for select, including Chinese; prepared good Hou that call near of road and traffic Council appointment make rules exam, exam Qian also can early is scene first do once simulation exam, this exam is can select more country language for , Including Chinese, exam times unlimited, but must appointment; exam through Hou road and traffic Council will spot to you a learning who driving license, validity one years, holds this license and in has driving license of people accompanied Xia you has can road practice, many driving school are in the big in the English newspaper Shang published advertising, can by himself wishes select, charges usually by hours is, about dozens of Australian dollar one hours, Chinese master also has package test charges of; prepared good Hou that call near of road and traffic Council appointment road test, exam times unlimited, Road test after the road and traffic authority will send you a new probationary driving licence, valid for one year, since you can literally in Australia drive.
Finally, Canada, at best, can achieve the following documents: recommendation letters from previous employers, bank letters, as well as car insurance companies and so on.
New immigrants into Canada to take documents
New immigrants before they leave the original residence, remember to bring the following documents originals in order to travel to Canada for the various procedures: for example, birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic certificates, identity documents, the most recent year income tax receipt, the former employer of service certificates. Best also made the following supporting documents:
Recommendation letters from former employers: prove that you have a good performance and good results in the letter, you can increase you in Canada's employment qualifications.
Bank letters: when you're in Canada when you apply for a loan, mortgage or credit card, this letter is sufficient to prove your good credit record, shorten the working time. If you don't have a bank letter, you are Canada's new Bank it is necessary to contact your old Bank, aims to investigate your credit and might have for weeks at a time as needed, applications would be delayed.
Car insurance company letter: this letter to prove that you have a safe driving record, your in Canada when they buy a car, are eligible to receive the premium discount.
Rental Guide part
For new immigrants, to immigrate to the country, the first thing is to find a shelter for himself and his family, for the vast majority of people are going to rent a House to live in. So, new immigrants to Canada and Australia, problems in rent what?
Rent security deposit will be transferred to the Board
New immigrants from the real estate agent on behalf of the owner or renting directly from private landlords with independent courtyards of housing units or buildings. Rental property is usually advertised in major newspapers, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays "To let" (rental) "Accommodation vacant" (vacant housing). You can also go to real estate companies take their list of vacant rental properties.
In Australia, best to have a written agreement between the tenant and the landlord, so you can more easily identify any terms and conditions. A "lease" (Lease) or "residential lease agreement" (Residential Tenancy Agreement) is a written contract between the tenant and landlord, is usually 6 months or 12 months fixed term, but before you sign, you have the right to talk to the owners or their agents negotiate leases. You can again at the end of the fixed period contract.
If the cancellation before the end of the lease period, you can afford to lose money, so don't sign a lease you can live much longer. Unless you have inspected the property and fully understand the terms and conditions on file, or you do not sign the lease, because after the signing, it will become legally binding. When the rental starts, you will usually need to pay one month's rent in advance as well as rent deposit (Rental Bond). Deposit of margin is handed over to the owners, usually no more than one month's rent. The owners or estate agents your security deposit must be submitted to the authority on security deposit.
Before you move in, the properties which will be recorded in a report on file with the name of the status report, completed by you and the landlord or their agent. When you move out, this document helps to avoid controversy, because it was recorded at damage that is already before you move into the House. When you move out of rented houses or apartments, if you don't have rent arrears, and the House is clean and not damaged, you can recover the deposit.
You may be eligible for some financial assistance to help you solve security deposit and pay the first month's rent in advance.
To read before you rent the province the tenancy Act
New immigrants often in newspaper classified ads (Classified) "rent (Rent)" column to find housing, can also be introduced through acquaintances. Not one or two weeks you can become familiar with the environment, and to find suitable housing.
Complete room called In Canada a different city, on the same sets of room to have different names, such as in the province of Quebec, a one bedroom and a living room, with a kitchen, a toilet House known as three and a half, in the province of Ontario, the same room is called one bedroom. So when looking for a House, to figure out the actual meaning of the bedroom. In different cities, rents also vary widely. Commercial rental housing is the most common apartment (Apartment), in a large high-rise buildings, houses, but the common stairs, elevators and an underground car park. Balconies of the apartment can only be resorting to look, not be used for drying clothes. Living in the apartment, compared with the House also has a convenient place that is less winter snow and summer weed problems. Apartment also has high and low gears-in Toronto, some apartments have air conditioning, laundry room, and downstairs there is a public swimming pool, a sauna, a gym and other facilities.
Signed, usually pay a charge
Rent to sign (sign a lease), but provincial tenancy has different standards. Usually have to pay two months ' rent when signing up (including one month's rent), rent is generally measured in months, the beginning of each month (or at the end). If you want to move, it should be at least 1 month in advance and say hello to the landlord. In General, a lease should be as follows: month rent and pay the rent date; duration of the lease; the deposit amount (to pay the tenant causes damage to houses and other facilities); rates include items; apartment living number about pet restrictions, and so on.
Rent up once a year and 3 months prior written notice
Landlords have a responsibility to repair housing, and if he does not take the responsibility of, you can ask the landlord to perform even attend to the matter reported to the relevant authorities of the city. Rental housing should ensure the room temperature is 20 degrees centigrade in the winter if cold, the landlord is responsible for improving, or tenants can not subject to contract and move away. In addition, unless there is a last resort emergency, the landlord can't just broke into the guest room. If he wants to come into your room for rent, should be advanced to 24-72 hours notice in writing, or with your consent. The landlord to rent, tenants must give 3 months notice in writing. Canada law, rent up once a year, gain shall not exceed the percentage points. Illegal price increases if the landlord, you can sue the Government.
Tenants should carefully read your own provinces the tenancy Act, responsibility to familiarize themselves with the tenant. First of all you should comply with the provisions of the lease, for example, repair the self-inflicted damage. To get the landlord's agreement to the wall or nail on the floor, paint, etc. Second, when you are ready to move, you have to look at the lease, and then give notice to the landlord. In General, if we lease has not expired, should also be paid to the landlord by the tenant rents. If you pay rent on a monthly basis, then the withdrawal notification at the latest 1 month before the move in writing to the landlord or apartment manager.
The landlord if the tenant is not satisfactory, and justified, you can notify 20 days in advance in writing to the tenant moved out, or give tenants turn over a period of 7-14 days. In addition, if the landlord House needs his own, can request the tenant moved out two months ahead, if the Housing Authority needs to be repaired or rebuilt, landlord tenant can give 120 days ' notice to move out. BACK