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Service process

1, road transportation for accepting from customers (fax) send transport plan.
2, road transport scheduling out the Bill of lading from a customer card.
3, check out the documents.
1, transportation scheduling delivery destinations on the registration form and receipt the customer calibration to take delivery number.
2, the driver (specified personnel and vehicles) to the traffic control center Bill of lading, and confirmed receipt on the Transportation Commission.
Calling plan:
1, complete transportation plan.
2, completing in-transit, to the situation, tracking feedback form.
3, computer input order.
Team transfer:
1, according to shipping, vehicle weight, volume, and manpower.
To customer 2, transport planning and confirm delivery time to plant.
Delivery shipping:
1, arrive at the customer delivery warehouse.
2, check the vehicle condition.
3, for the delivery procedures.
4, delivery, covered carports and lock the door.
5, good delivery procedures.
6, phone the customers up to the time of receipt.
In transit tracking:
1, the establishment of receipt the customer file.
2, the driver feedback in a timely manner information on the way.
3, the customer contact delivery and receipt.
4, fill in the tracking record.
5, a situation of exception with their clients.
To sign recovered:
1, arrived at the designated unloading place accurately and on time.
2, transfer of the goods.
3, 100% signed, ensure the quantity and quality of products and customer list.
4, will sign for the goods receipt using EMS or fax to feedback to thousands of companies.
Transport settlement:
1, order charge bills.
2, do a summary of charges to customers, confirmed back to the clearing.
3, the settlement invoice to the customer freight collect.