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Shanghai qiangsheng move logistics Ltd is approved by the Shanghai Municipal communications Bureau, registered by the Municipal Department of industry and commerce, and taxation, is an early one of the moving company was set up in Shanghai, Shanghai now has dozens of branches in various districts, more than more than 100 employees. Strict corporate governance, service value, and has a large number of highly qualified staff.
Johnson movers based on residents, enterprises moving, move user, Office user, assume a variety of rental, relocation, as well as enterprises and across the provinces moving handling, also accepts the city and inter-provincial carriage of goods, delivery of goods, freight transport agency services, and package sorting, for customers renting carton disassembly, assembling and disassembling furniture, air conditioning and other support services. We have established a comprehensive city logistics distribution system, industrial relocation of large and small size transport supporting transport systems to meet the different needs of different types of customers.
At present, Shanghai, lifting many of the company, but few truly professional, Shanghai qiangsheng move logistics uses its own equipment to provide professional services of weight lifting.
Shanghai qiangsheng moving company charges are reasonable, distance, level, item weight. In order for customers to be assured, in advance, on-site service, a business person to come to negotiate rental boxes, crates, valuables finishing packing, quality assured, service satisfaction, handling of mind, Johnson moving company is your trusted company.
Johnson moved the company's development in a decade, the company has grown, service facilities and continuously improve, various types of trucks more than 50 films, including: 480 freight cars, trucks 8, crane 5, is the first batch of Shanghai won the "industry services star enterprises", "top ten enterprise customer satisfaction" in the title.
Johnson moving companies since its inception, has for the United States, and Russia, and Japan, and Germany, and Sweden, and Canada dozens of Heads of State such as President, economic and trade, military, news, and sports delegation to Shanghai to provide transport services. As the 2001 APEC meeting and the 2006 Summit of the six countries specified baggage transport unit, Shanghai qiangsheng moving all the national economic leader and delegation news gathering equipment, drinking foodstuff and random baggage transport services, after the City Government recognizes and United States President, the White House Press Office and the Consulate General in Shanghai article thanks.